About Me

So I was on this trip around the sun and decided to stop for a visit to a remote island where I was lost in space until the wind changed and took me to a whole new world.  NAH... just a guy trying to see the world differently and show people how I see it. Sharing my vision, my talents, my eye for photography with everyone. Hope you like it...

I'm not a big writer, I've always found it better to show my thoughts through my images.  But on another note, I've always found it curious that people usually comment that they love my work. I never really thought of it as work, it is a passion to take pictures. I see images everywhere, and 90% of the time I see a finished image when I am taking it. Oh well, I'm sure more will come to my mind. But for now, enjoy the show...lol


The image above was shot by my then 5-year-old daughter, it is actually my favorite image of me.

Always the jokester. Can't take life to seriously...