Winter Storm

Friday night on the winter solstice, I was driving home with my son and the sky just started to explode with neat light rays.  So I dropped him off and ran out to the battlefield.  By the time I got there (only about 4 miles), it changed as the sky and storms do.  But! I believe I was rewarded with some neat shots of a few rain bands off in the distance. I had both cameras with me, both you ask? Well if you haven't seen much of my work yet, I have an infrared converted DSLR camera (working on a post with more information on that). 

 These few were all shot with the infrared camera unless noted.

Invisible Light image looking off to the south from the area up near the Peace Light monument in Gettysburg.

Invisible Light image Peace Light Monument in Gettysburg

Invisible Light image of the monument to the 153rd Pennsylvania is located on Barlow's Knoll (they fought there the first days battle). Saw this on the way home and had to stop and grab it.