Weddings... weddings are something special, they are the end of two separate lives and the beginning of one new life together.  I know it might sound cheesy, but it is true.  Both participants keep their own identity but the ability to share experiences, good and bad.  That is what I love about weddings, being able to capture the love of two people, the families that they bring together, and cherished friends.  

The biggest thing that I believe about your wedding day is that it is precisely that, yours!  The photographer should be there to capture special moments, little nuances that are missed in the hustle and bustle of the day.  The day is yours, you don't need a photographer trying to steal the show or run the day. 

The most significant comment I've received from the weddings I've photographed is that as big of a guy as I am, they hardly noticed me but I got some fantastic images.  And documented the day for everyone to cherish for the future. 

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Future, preserving the future is another thing that I believe is the critical job of a photographer.  How best to do that? While we do offer a custom zip drive with artist touched images we also think that each wedding we photograph should have an album for it.  This little touch is essential, especially with how fast technology changes.  Will that zip drive open in five years? Will it become corrupt (we hope not, but you never know with tech). Getting prints, album, canvas something to show, to feel to look at are extremely important.   A little side note, when my wife and I got married, we went with the least expensive photographer. Who only gave us a few negatives (yes negatives,  and I'm not that old).  We didn't get any prints nor an album, going on twenty years later it is a HUGE regret and really wish we would've gotten that album. 

I would love to discuss your wedding with you and how best Urban's Photography can capture your day.  I'm sincere and upfront, with fifteen years of photography and wedding experience I know I can capture your day.   A lot of people ask me why we offer 4, 6, 8 hours of coverage for our weddings.  Well, in my fifteen years and a few dozens of weddings I've learned that those are the perfect amount of time to capture the essence of the day.  Some people just want a few hours, some just want getting ready, the ceremony, post-formal images. Some want to add time at the reception with everything else.  With U.P. you can do that if the packages we offer don't fit your wedding, just let us know, and we will discuss and put a custom package together for you. 

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