No, we aren't talking about your memory, however, I feel like mine is getting lost somewhere lol. I am talking about the memory for your digital camera, and a few tips to help keep your camera and memory working.

Did you ever have a memory card in and for some reason it is telling you it is corrupt, or worse yet, you get home with some great images only to find out that the card is corrupt?  Here are a few reasons why a card may go corrupt and hopefully you can avoid these mistakes or actions and maintain your memory card and the great images on it.

  • Turning off a camera before an image is completely written to the card.
  • Using a memory card that is not formatted in the camera (format in the camera is a huge help and keeps the card working properly).
  • Removing the card from a memory reader while files are still being transferred to a computer.
  • Letting a card get too full which may overwrite the card header.
  • Switching memory cards from one camera to another without formatting it to that camera.
  • Taking photos to rapidly so the camera can't complete writing one image before starting the next. 
  • Low battery power while trying to write to your card.

These obviously aren't all the reasons, nor are they all going to corrupt a card. You may get away with some issues like switching the card from one camera to another without formatting but how many times do you want to take the chance that it won't corrupt the card? Remember a corrupted memory card has damaged data on it that prevents it from performing properly. If a card becomes unreadable, you may not be able to access the photos on it. The main cause of card corruption is human error, keep these tips above in your head and it should help to prevent memory card corruption.

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Jennifer said…
Thx, Dan. I hope my personal memory will remember your tips to protect my memory cards!!!